I am surveying veterinarians around the country regarding their experiences with teacup puppies and dogs. Here are the questions and the results of the survey so far. This will be updated as more veterinarians answer the survey.

Number of veterinarians who have responded so far - 5

What are the most prevalent medical issues with teacups that you have seen in your practice?

Do you have any suggestions as to how to prevent them?

Do you have any feeding suggestions?

Do you have an opinion on teacups in general?

Do you think they have more medical issues than some recognized dog breeds such as English bulldogs?

Do you think they develop slower than toy or miniature dogs?

Do you find it difficult to do surgeries because their bodies are so small?

Is anesthesia a risk because their bodies are so small?

A big THANK YOU to the veterinarians who took time out of their busy day to answer the survey questions -- and especially to those who allowed me to use their names.