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Teacup Puppies and Dogs:
Potty Training and Behavior Issues



House training Your Teacup

Teacup puppies and dogs need training just like larger dogs do.  Training can be difficult, especially house training or housebreaking or potty training, whatever you would like to call it, because they have tiny bladders and need to eat a lot of food and drink a lot of water since they burn off calories faster than larger dogs.  That means they have to pee and poop more! 

I have found a couple of excellent products to help make the potty training easier. You can find out more about them by going to Products for Teacup Puppies and Dogs and receiving a discount on your order!

Separation Anxiety

Many teacup puppies and dogs suffer from separation anxiety – they like to be with you all the time and may become frightened when you are not there.  That can lead to barking – and yes, the neighbors can hear them even though they are tiny! – and they may become so stressed that they don’t eat or drink while you are gone and then have a hypoglycemic episode, which can progress to a full-blown hypoglycemic attack, having disastrous consequences. 

Other Behavior Issues

Teacups can be demanding and attention seeking -- and so they can bark a lot. They also can avoid being picked up -- and you, of course, want to pick them up -- so they run away from you. There's a correct way to pick up a dog.

You don't have to struggle with training and behavior problems. Many issues can be solved quicker than you think if you do it right. Sometimes it's better to talk to a dog trainer/behavior consultant rather than read about it in a book. I offer telephone consultations.

Behavior issues are much easier to prevent than to cure, and we talk about prevention as well as what to do if your dog has a behavior issue in Teacup Puppies and Dogs: Potty Training and Behavior Issues.

Finally, you'll want to train your new puppy dog. Why is training important? It can save his life. Learn how to train in no time at all -- and play with your puppy -- in Teacup Puppies and Dogs: Obedience Training, Games & Play.


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Table of Contents
Potty Training and Behavior Issues

Teacup Dog and Puppy Training and Behavior Issues
Puppy Crazies
Nutshell training
Potty Training for your Teacup Puppy or Dog
Aggression – (Yes, it *does* happen with these little guys!)
Lift Up
Hand Shyness
Separation Anxiety
Target Training aka Targeting
What’s That? – Desensitizing

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